Country music superstar Toby Keith knows a thing or two about songwriting. Before he was a giant in the country music world, he was a man who just loved writing songs—and definitely had a knack for it. His new album, The Bus Songs, is a line-up of songs written on the road after his shows while hanging with his tour crew. (Can we get in on that party?) Another thing to know about Toby Keith is that he supports the American troops unabashedly and consistently. For 11 years, he paid visits to troops overseas for morale-raising concerts, experiencing his fair share of excitement along the way. His song "Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue" was inspired a mere 48 hours after September 11th and became a patriotic hit that reverberated throughout the nation. He took us through some of his favorite memories writing songs, visiting American troops, and even getting stranded in Baghdad—there’s never a dull moment in an interview with this Oklahoma-born country star.

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