"I wouldn't change anything for the world."


Even after nearly 25 years of marriage, the honeymoon period still isn't over for Tim McGraw and Faith Hill—as evidenced by his adoring tribute to his superstar wife on her 54th birthday Tuesday.

Tim McGraw Faith Hill
Credit: Michael Tran/Getty Images

The country music star, also 54, took to Instagram with footage from a 2001 interview with Diane Sawyer. In the clip, which is spliced with scenes from Hill's music video for "Breathe," Sawyer asks: "When you see that video, every time it goes by, what do you think?"

"It's my wife," replies a beaming McGraw. "It's like I wanna call my college buddies and say, 'Hey, I'm married to her!'"

The video then switches to McGraw in the present day with a message for Hill. "Hey, baby. I still feel the same way, even more so," he said. "Happy birthday," the musician continued, joking that Hill "caught up with me finally" in age.

"I wouldn't change anything for the world, and I love you," he concluded.

Hill and McGraw met for the first time in 1994, backstage at a Country Radio seminar in Nashville. The sparks between them were instant.

After a whirlwind romance, they were married in October 1996. They welcomed their first daughter, Gracie, in 1997. Maggie followed in 1998, and Audrey in 2001.  

"I'm lucky to have her. She's the light of our whole family's life," McGraw said of his wife in an interview with E! News. "She keeps everything going for us. We all strive to be like my wife, everybody in our family. If your wife holds the example for everybody in your family, that's a good thing."

Happy birthday, Faith!