They both wouldn't mind getting rid of the other's cell phone.

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw
Credit: Michael Tran/FilmMagic

After 20 years of marriage, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw know everything there is to know about each other. Like most happy couples, they've learned to accept each other's flaws—like his inability to put his dirty clothes in the hamper and her preoccupation with her cell phone—along the way.

In a charmingly candid interview with Architectural Digest, the country music superstars reveal that neither of them are easy to live with. But then again, who is?

Despite their many differences, they do have one thing in common: what they wish they could get rid of from the other person.

"If you could get rid of any article of mine in our home, what would it be?" Hill asked her husband.

"Maybe your cell phone," McGraw responded immediately. Seconds later, he asked her the same question, and she responded with the same answer.

McGraw admits that Hill is the clean one, and says he wouldn't mind never having to do the dishes again. As for the worst part of living with McGraw?

"You miss the hamper every so often. Every day… like every time you take a shower."

"It's true," McGraw conceded.

Later, Hill asked her husband what he thinks the key to a happy marriage is, and his response is pure brilliance: "Just say yes ma'am a lot."

Hill's answer to the same question? "Not saying yes all the time," she said with a smile.
Now if that's not love, what is?