There's intimidation and then there's horror.

By Meghan Overdeep
Tim and Faith on the Tonight Show
Credit: Mike Coppola / Staff

It's a dad's prerogative to intimidate the men their daughters bring home, but Tim McGraw might have taken things a bit too far with his oldest girl's new beau.

McGraw and his wife of 21 years, Faith Hill, recently stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, when the topic of 20-year-old Gracie's first date came up. Unfortunately McGraw was on the road when he heard about the new man in Gracie's life, which meant he couldn't make it home in time to meet him beforehand. Though McGraw okayed the date, he did ask that the young man come by the house the next day "so I can say 'Hi' to him and look him in the eye," he explained.

"Faith said, 'I've met him, he's a really nice guy, we've done all the research ... we've put our Secret Service guys on him, he's good," McGraw recalled. But he still wanted to be sure.

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McGraw arrived home late that night, and woke up early the next morning to prepare for a barbecue that day, completely forgetting about the meeting he'd scheduled with Gracie's suitor.

"So I'm in the kitchen and I forget that he's coming, so I have a white apron on and a knife and I'm trimming meat," he said. "So I've got chunks of meat all over this white apron, blood everywhere and the doorbell rings. And I go and answer the door and there's this kid who is dating Gracie and I've got a knife in my hand and a bloody apron on."

We can only imagine the absolute terror he must have felt, but according to McGraw "it worked out really well."