Willa Gray sure does rock the "I'm the big sister" shirt.

Kailey Dickerson

To call the past few months busy for country star Thomas Rhett and his wife, Lauren Akins is certainly an understatement.

In May, the couple adopted Willa Gray from Uganda, who is now 21-months-old. Then, an exciting surprise came along when, during the adoption process, they learned Lauren was pregnant.

On August 12th, Thomas and Lauren welcomed their baby girl, Ada James Akins into the world. Happiness and smiles were all around, but hey, it's no easy feat to have two young daughters under the age of two in your home!

Now, in a new video posted on Lauren's instagram, we get to see the sweet exchange when the two sisters meet for the first time. Sporting an "I'm the big sister" shirt, just wait until you see Willa Gray kiss her baby sister.

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Lauren Akins described the new siblings' dynamic in her post, with a realness that is exactly what you would expect for two young gals:

"Honestly it's taken [Willa Gray] a little bit of adjusting and she's been staying with family and friends off & on especially when Thomas Rhett leaves because I think it's impossible for me to recover, take care of our 2 pups and a newborn and a 21 month old all at the same time. Soooo Willa Gray hasn't been around a ton the last week but don't worry! There will be LOTS of sister time soon."

She adds, "And she LOVES Ada now. We're just working on being ‘gentle' right now haha She's home today and so is daddy so all is right in our world at least for a little bit :) p.s. The fact that [Willa Gray] was showing [Ada James] her bug bite meant she wanted to be friends with her right off the bat so we knew that was a good sign."

Now, we can't help but wonder how long it will be until the adorable duo pick up some guitars like Daddy.