My mother's home is littered with photos of my brother and me in smocked bubbles, blond bowls of hair distracting from the black-and-white saddle oxfords hugging my feet. It wasn't until I traveled above the Mason-Dixon that I realized this style isn't in vogue for all babies.

Well, joke's on you, The North, because it turns out Prince George — Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge Kate's bundle of joy — shares his fashion sense with Southern babies. We've got proof below.

The Gown


Southerners love an ornate baptism/dedication gown, so you can bet they'd love Prince George's first experience with high fashion.

The White On White On White

Photo: WireImage/Getty

White on white on white on white. This little guy is reminiscent of every Easter lunch we Southerners have ever had the pleasure of attending. From rocking that little white shirt with Peter Pan collar to a white sweater right down to his white sock-and-shoe-clad feet, I'd say it's definitely before Labor Day.

The John Johns

Photo: WireImage/Getty

White Peter Pan collared shirt? Check. John Johns? Oh yeah. (I wonder if Prince William knows these were supposedly named after American president John F. Kennedy's son.) Smocked blue sailboat on his chest? Without a doubt. And check out those shoes: same English sandals my blond mop distracted from. He might be chilling in Birmingham, England, or Birmingham, Alabama.

The Monogram

Photo: CAMERA PRESS/Jason Bell/Redux

Clothing bearing our own names is as much a Southern tradition as taking family photos. When he grows up, I'm sure Prince George will probably look at this photo and say, "Oh, that one's me!"

I think it's been well proved by now: Prince George is one of us. He might be from the United Kingdom, but he was born in the South of the U.K.

Sounds like a Southerner to me.