Chris Harris Jr., Denver Broncos cornerback and Oklahoma native, shares his tailgating playbook and gives us a glimpse into his life on and off the field.

Chris Harris Jr. with his Daughters

SL: How do you and your family tailgate before the Denver games?
CH: My family drives up from Oklahoma a lot for home games. My wife and my mom will do the cooking at home and then we all ride to the game together and they tailgate in the team parking lot. My wife always makes her famous wings and artichoke dip. They may bring a brisket, grill some hot dogs and brats, and occasionally bring chili. Usually about five to ten people are at the tailgate where they enjoy eating together then head into the game.

SL: Does your mom come to your games?
CH: My mom, Lisa, loves to go to the games. She is a social butterfly so I think her favorite part is just being able to talk and catch up with everyone.

SL: We hear you're the ultimate grill master. What kind of grill do you like to use?
CH: Char-Broil Tru-Infrared

SL: What are your favorite foods to grill and do you have any tips?
CH: Chicken breast or steaks. And of course hot dogs for my girls. Don't rush steak. Cook it slow and steady at a lower temperature.

SL: Do you have any rituals before a game?
CH: My wife, Leah always sends me a scripture before each game. The day before meal is Leah's famous chicken wings!

We asked Leah to share her famous chicken wing recipe and she graciously obliged. Recipe below.

SL: What is your favorite Bible verse?
CH: Mark 9:23

In 2012 Chris and Leah started the Chris Harris Jr. Foundation, which give kids in challenging circumstances the tools and confidence to rise above these difficulties and learn to be the best they can be. His foundation has paired up with organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, The Salvation Army, and Denver Children's Home, to help youth from all walks of life.

Chris Harris Jr. with his Wife Leah
  • Leah Harris's Famous Chicken Wings
  • 1. Wash wings and arrange on a baking sheet. Season with the following (heavy or light as you want): Garlic powder,
  • Lawry's seasoning salt, garlic salt, pepper, lemon pepper, onion powder, chicken seasoning (I always use Weber chicken seasoning)
  • 2. Bake at 450 for 40-45 minutes. No need to flip or turn.
  • 3. Mix 2 Tablespoons butter with 1/4 cup Franks Red Hot Sauce (must be Franks red hot!). Dip the wings in sauce and arrange on platter. Serve.