From couches to vans, some of our biggest Oscar, Grammy, and Emmy winnings stars started from very humble beginnings. Mega stars like New Orleans-born Tyler Perry and Chris Pratt lived in cars before they made it big. Before Florida-born Chrissy Metz was Kate on the NBC hit This is Us, she had $.081 in her bank account. At the age of 21, Halle Berry lived in a homeless shelter when she began pursuing her dreams to become an actress. All of these rags-to-riches stories prove that anything is possible when you have a dream. Some of us may never live like the rich and famous, but we can surely learn from them to trust ourselves and to never give up like these stars did. Find out what other celebrities Coinage names to have lived on the lowest of means before becoming our favorite celebs, and the next time we see them on the big screen or the red carpet we will know what took for them to be who they are today.

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