From folks who took it (and, did pretty well for themselves!).

We celebrate our Southern Mamas and Grandmas all year long for their wisdom, wit, and way of adding sunshine to hard situations. One of the recurring themes of Southern moms is resilience; they hold our families together through hard work, emotional support, unwavering love, and a healthy dose of sass.

We asked some of our favorite Southern personalities about their own moms and grandmas – what they love about the matriarchs of their family, the best advice that they've ever been given, and stories that speak to who their mom is.

Here's what Dolly Parton had to say about the wisdom her mother shared with her: "'You just listen to your heart, you listen to what God tells you to do, and listen to me as much as you will, but be yourself.' And so I think that that's followed me more than anything, is to be true to myself and follow my own heart."

Jenna Bush Hager and Chrissy Metz spoke about their grandmothers – women whose influence was just as motherly in their lives. Chrissy described her grandmother as "the toughest cookie. So graceful, and she loved makeup, and her hair was always coiffed." Chrissy's grandmother also laid a strong spiritual foundation for her granddaughter: "She was just a wonderful, wonderful woman, and very opinionated and spoke her mind. And I mean, I learned so much from her. She was very religious and I had a strong faith, as well, and that was, I think, instilled from her."

Army veteran Noah Galloway shared a story of his "no nonsense" mom, who encouraged him after he lost limbs to a roadside bomb. "I said, 'Well, how am I gonna ever tie my shoes with one hand?' And my mom...said, 'I'm sure it's not that hard,' and just picks the shoe up and ties it the first try. I kicked the shoe off and I just said, 'Mom, I just wanna have a moment. Will you get out?' 'Cause I just wanted to be angry about something. And she was like, 'No, this is easy.'"

Scotty McCreery spoke to the dedication of his mom, Judy – a sentiment all of us Southerners can agree with. "Growing up, and even 'til now, she was always making sure me and [my sister] had what we needed and had what we wanted. And she's the hardest workin' lady I know."