She'll always be Ouiser Boudreaux to us.

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Shirley MacLaine
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Richmond, Virginia-born Shirley MacLaine cemented her place in our cultural consciousness as the exceptionally prickly neighbor Ouiser Boudreaux in Steel Magnolias. Lines like "Don't try to get on my good side, Truvy. I no longer have one," and "I'm not crazy, I've just been in a very bad mood 40 years," have become part of our shared Southern lexicon. Ouiser Boudreaux is quite a character, and Shirley MacLaine brought her to roaring life. So, where is MacLaine now?

She certainly hasn't stepped out of the limelight. You're sure to have seen MacLaine in a few of the many movies, stage productions, and television shows in which she's appeared, both before and in the 28 years after Steel Magnolias was released.

Since her debut, she's been a star with undeniable personality. MacLaine has been gracing our screens consistently since 1955, when she made her debut in the TV series Shower of Stars. That year, she also appeared in the movies The Trouble with Harry and Artists and Models.

Throughout her storied career, MacLaine was nominated for six Academy Awards (so far), including for her roles in Some Came Running (1958) and The Turning Point (1977). She won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her turn as Aurora Greenway in Terms of Endearment (1983). She also played the title role in 1969's Sweet Charity, but we think some of her most beloved work happened in 2005, when she appeared in the movies Bewitched, In Her Shoes, and Rumor Has It (all of which deserve a re-watch).

And today? MacLaine, now 83, already has three new movies slated for 2017, 2018, and 2019. The first is an adaptation of The Little Mermaid, followed by a family film called Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver. In 2019, she'll appear alongside Anna Kendrick, Bill Hader, and Billy Eichner in Nicole, a starry Santa Claus comedy. Earlier this year, she starred in The Last Word with Amanda Seyfried and Thomas Sadoski. She has also enlivened episodes of Glee and Downton Abbey in recent years. She's always been one-of-a-kind, and we can't wait to see what she does next.

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We can't get enough of Shirley MacLaine, and we're looking forward to her upcoming films. In the meantime, we're thinking it's time for a Steel Magnolias re-watch.