Not even a shellfish allergy can stop him from digging into this dish.

Leslie Jordan
Credit: Vivien Killilea/Getty Images

Actor, comedian, and Instagram-sensation Leslie Jordan might have been born and raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee, but when it comes to Southern cities, it's Savannah that has his heart.

"I'm as Southern as they come and let me tell you: That is the Southern town right there," Jordan said in a recent interview with Atlanta Magazine.

The diminutive entertainer explained how he spent several months in the Hostess City while filming a BBC TV series called Living the Dream in 2017. That's when he said he invented something he calls "urban wandering."

"I would get up in the morning and start wandering all around Savannah," he recalled. It's Jordan's favorite way to experience a city, and it's even better when it's "on someone else's dime."

For Jordan, Savannah isn't just beautiful squares and architecture, it's food too. And apparently, its home to a dish worthy of a near-death experience.

"I personally like The Olde Pink House," he told Atlanta Magazine of his local restaurant of choice. "Even though I have a terrible shrimp and crab allergy, I will eat, and eat, and eat, and when my throat's about to close, I'll swallow a Benadryl. I'm not about to give up on shrimp and grits!"

(Note: This is not recommended for people with shellfish allergies.)

"People say Charleston has the best shrimp and grits, but I think Savannah wins," Jordan added.

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The Olde Pink House's shrimp and grits dish, which is listed on the menu as "sauteed local shrimp," features country ham gravy, cheddar cheese grits cake, and fresh local shrimp.

Located in a historic pink mansion, The Olde Pink House is the place to go for a quintessential Savanah dining experience. Not that you needed more convincing!