Sandra Bullock on the Job She Would Have if She Weren't an Actress

“It’s all I do.”

Sandra Bullock
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Despite having earned an Oscar, a Golden Globe, and countless other awards during her 30 plus years in Hollywood, acting isn't the only career Sandra Bullock has considered.

The Virginia native recently took part in a round of rapid-fire questions with Michael Strahan on Good Morning America. In addition to sharing her favorite food (ice cream) and the best advice she's ever gotten (to kill 'em with kindness), Bullock revealed the profession she would pursue if she wasn't an actress.

"Architect," she responded without missing a beat. "It's all I do."

Those aren't just empty words. According to a 2021 report by Dirt, Bullock owns at least 17 properties located throughout the U.S. The real estate publication describes her extensive portfolio as "a mix of residential and commercial investments that span everything from a Gothic Victorian home in New Orleans to a sprawling hilltop compound in Jackson Hole, Wyoming."

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Bullock, who is currently promoting her new movie The Lost City, recently took CBS News correspondent Tracy Smith to one of those properties: a café and flower shop in Austin, Texas, called Walton's Fancy and Staple. The starlet helped transform the former horse-and-carriage repair shop into a hip destination.

"I love the idea of finding purpose for something that was created for another purpose originally," she told Smith. "To me, this is just as fulfilling as making movies."

Bullock went on to say that she's taking a break from making movies to spend time at home with her family.

"I want to be at home. I'm not doing anyone any favors who's investing in a project if I'm saying, 'I just want to be at home,'" she said of her planned pause. "'Cause I was always running. I was always running to the next thing. I just want to be present, and responsible for one thing."

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