You think Mama is strict about dinner table etiquette? Try dining with Queen Elizabeth.

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According to reports, the Queen has a long list of dos and don'ts when it comes to eating around her royal table. It doesn't matter if you're also a royal, or a world leader, or a nobel prize winner, these rules apparently still apply to you, too. So, if you ever find yourself in Buckingham Palace about to chow down with the Queen come prepared by knowing these few simple rules.

Rule 1: Never enter a room before the Queen

According to Business Insider, the royal family and guests follow a very specific procession when entering a room. The entire brood follows precedence, which means they follow the order of the throne before entering a room. So, the order must go: Queen Elizabeth II, the Duke of Edinburgh, the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall, the Prince and Duchess of Cambridge, and so on.

Rule 2: Come dressed to impress

Dinner is always a formal affair with the Queen. Former royal chef Darren McGrady shared with Marie Claire, "They would come in for afternoon tea by the log fire in outdoor clothes, and then they'd all change for dinner. They'd come down in dressy ball gowns, and sit at the table—like a Downton Abbey dinner. All the fine china was brought out. At the end of the meal, a bagpipe player would walk around the table."

Rule 3: Never sit down before the Queen

The order of procession also continues through to your seat. According to Reader's Digest, you should not not sit down before Queen Elizabeth does just in case she makes a few remarks or takes her time entering the room.

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Rule 4: Wait for the Queen to start a conversation with you

You don't speak to the Queen. She speaks to you. As the etiquette experts at Debrett's told the BBC, the Queen typically starts the conversation with her guest sitting to her right for the first course. Then, she usually switches her attention to the person on her left for the following course.

Rule 5: Never, ever eat before the Queen

Once again, it's crucial you wait for the Queen to lead. As Reader's Digest also noted, it's customary to wait for the Queen to start eating her meal before guests can dig into theirs. But, that also means you must stop eating when the Queen stops eating as well. So, if you're hungry you better hurry up.