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While members of the Royal Family have been known to swing by the grocery store for dinner fixings, typically their household staff does the shopping.

When you're grocery shopping for the Queen of England, though, you don't just shop anywhere. Instead, the kitchen staff at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle relies on stores and products that have been granted a Royal Warrant of Appointment.

A royal warrant is a seal of approval given by the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh or Prince Charles. To get one, a company must have been doing business with the Royal Household for at least five years, and as the Royal Warrant Holder Association (RWHA) explains, it's a mark of recognition and a sign of an ongoing trading arrangement with the royals.

One of the earliest Royal Warrants was given to England's first printer, William Caxton, in 1476, but according to the BBC, they flourished during Queen Victoria's reign. These days, among other things, the suppliers are required to demonstrate that they have an appropriate environmental and sustainability policies.

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There are some 850 warrant holders, including the companies that keep the Princes in their Barbour coats and Hunter boots. When it comes to groceries, though, there are over 108 Royal Warrant holders who provide the food to the royal family. Twinings of London provides the royal family with some of their tea, Denhay Farms provides the bacon, Heinz provides the beans, and the Queen of England is known to start her day with a bowl of Special K so Kellogg has a Royal Warrant, too.

Since the royal family is known to host many gatherings—and the Queen reportedly shares her mother's love of DuBonnet and gin—the family has doled out warrants to liquor companies to keep them in their Tanqueray Gin and Dewars Scotch.

It's not just British companies who are extended Royal Warrants, either. In fact, the South's own McIlhenny Company, based in New Orleans, has a Royal Warrant for their Tabasco brand hot sauce. It just goes to show that Southern flavors really are good enough for a Queen.