Duke and Duchess of Sussex with Baby Archie Harrison
Credit: Dominic Lipinski - WPA Pool/Getty Images

On May 6, the world finally met Master Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, the first son of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Fans of the royal couple had been waiting with baited breath for months for the new royal baby to arrive. And truly, that meant staying in the dark about the baby's birth as Harry and Meghan chose to forgo royal tradition and keep their birth plans to themselves. And that's a lesson every southerner can take from the royal birth — to do things your way.

Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex really did provide a master class in how to bring a baby into this world. Here are five things we all can learn from the royals and their "my way or the highway" approach to both the birth and the baby announcement.

Do things your way

If the royal couple did just one thing right, it was to stick to their guns and have their baby their way. And, as any Southerner knows, going against the grain and family wishes is tough. But, this is your baby and your birth story. So, have who you want to have in the delivery room, call who you want to call after the birth, and name the baby after whoever you damn please.

Stay true to your fashion sense pre- and post-baby

Meghan showed the world that women are beautiful before, during, and immediately after pregnancy. For your baby story, staying true to yourself means staying true to your style too. If you want to rock the latest in maternity wear do it. But, if you want to wear a stunning white trench coat dress from Whales Bonner and Manolo Blahnik heels two days after giving birth do that too. Because it's your life, do what you want and wear what you want. Wear white even if it's before Memorial Day.

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Invest in a good baby photographer

Instead of snapping away with your smartphone, invest in a photographer to come over and take a few professional-grade photos of both you and your newborn. The royals used photographer Chris Allerton, who also took their wedding photograph that they used for their stunning Christmas card as well. This way, you'll have plenty of good photos to use as "thank you" notes for gifts as well as have plenty of photos to dole out to relatives.

Take time for yourself and your new family

Both Prince Harry and Meghan are two wildly busy people. But, when it came to the birth of their bay the duo decided to keep it to themselves just for a bit. The pair not only decided to announce the baby's birth well after he was delivered, but also delayed introducing the little guy to family members for several days. This way they got to soak in the newborn all on their own without input from nosey in-laws for a few glorious days.

Introduce the baby to your family matriarch first

One of the first people to meet Archie was Queen Elizabeth. Sure, she's the reigning monarch of the United Kingdom, but she's also "gam gam" first. Harry and Meghan introduced Archie to his great-grandmother a few days after his birth. She was one of the first to meet him, and as the matriarch of the family, this was rightfully so.

The biggest takeaway from the royal birth is this: nothing you do is wrong. We know it's hard to put your needs first, and now is the time to do that as you take care of your new baby. Go ahead and be a little selfish. Everyone will forgive you.