Little Tennessee recently dove head-first into the world of spelling, with adorably bad results.

Reese Witherspoon and son Tennessee
Credit: @reesewitherspoon

Let's face it, learning how to spell is tough. Heck, most adults still struggle with it. But it does get at least a little easier with practice. Right?

Reese Witherspoon's youngest son, four-year-old Tennessee, recently dove head-first into the world of letters, with adorably bad results. The cute youngster attempted to spell his name in preschool this week, and—bless his little heart—it didn't go so well. But don't tell him that!

Recognizing the humor in the moment, Witherspoon shared a photo of the little guy's shaky handiwork on social media. In the photo (below) Tennessee can be seen smirking confidently while displaying a piece of paper dotted with green scribbles.

"When your name is TENNESSEE, it's a bit tricky to learn how to spell it …" Witherspoon captioned the cute ‘gram along with the hashtag "#PreSchoolProblems."

Tricky is right! But seriously, how cute is he with those big blue eyes and tufts of blond hair? He's going to be a heartbreaker like his gorgeous mama.

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Keep up the good work, Tennessee! We know you'll get it in no time.