"My grandmother taught me a lot about being a Southern woman. She always had herself composed and put together, but she also had a great sense of humor. She knew all the rules, but it was just so she could throw them all away."

Reese Witherspoon is a Southerner through-and-through. We love her for her sass, spunk, and style. This belle comes by her Southern charm naturally, with her roots in New Orleans, but most of what she knows comes from the women before her – her mother and her grandmother.

"I've learned a lot about hard work from my mother," Reese told us in an interview for her September 2017 cover shoot. "She was a nurse for 35 years and a teacher. And, you know, just loving what you do makes a job not feel like a job. She taught me to have a passion for my interests and to work into those interests."

Reese also pulls inspiration from her grandmother – who also happens to be the namesake for Reese's Southern clothing line, Draper James. "She was always having big dinner parties at her house and inviting people on the front porch. She was very friendly that way."

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