"I know my mom is watching, and she's gonna be like 'I don't have a favorite!'" said Alex in a recent Instagram Live video.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
April 02, 2021

With four biological kids and foster son Jamar, it's safe to say Ree Drummond and her husband Ladd have their hands full from their home base on the Pawhuska ranch (even with some of their kids away from home for college). These days, they're even busier than normal with Alex's wedding coming up later this spring on the family's property and Ladd and his nephew Caleb recuperating from a truck collision on the ranch.

Ree light blue PW top and boots
Credit: The Pioneer Woman by Ree Drummond

But does mama Drummond have a favorite child? In a recent "Ask Alex" Instagram Live video hosted by The Pioneer Woman Magazine to discuss all things ranch life, the Drummond's youngest son Todd and Alex shed some light on this contentious issue.

"Who do the siblings feel is your mom's favorite?" a follower inquired. Todd immediately pointed to Alex and said "her! Alex" while Alex was quick to raise her finger and motion to her younger brother and quip "Todd."

"Alex is definitely our parents' favorite," Todd said, to which Alex immediately rebutted, "that's not true!"

"All four of the others know that Alex is the favorite," Todd continued.

"I think Todd's the favorite, honestly. The baby always has the soft spot," Alex replied.

"No, it's the firstborn," Todd countered, as the amusing dialogue unfolded.

"Todd and I always joke that we have the oldest-youngest connection...I think we're both the favorites," Alex conceded with a smile. "I know my mom is watching, and she's gonna be like 'I don't have a favorite!'" Well, we guess that settles it. All and none of the Drummond kids are their mom's favorite.

Fast-forward to the 16:48 mark below to see this part of the conversation — or better yet, watch the whole thing and get acquainted with what it's really like to live on the Drummond ranch.

Share with us: What did you think of the Drummond kiddos? To us, it certainly seems like they've grown up overnight. Time must fly when you're herding cattle.