There are a lot of early mornings, but at least they're accompanied by beautiful sunrises.

Pioneer Woman Moving to the Country
Credit: Facebook / The Pioneer Woman - Ree Drummond

If you've ever read Ree Drummond's blog, The Pioneer Woman, you know her family's life on the ranch is not all puppies, cute boots, and cast iron chocolate chip cookie sweet rolls all the time. A casual scroll through her Instagram posts will reveal the same. But it doesn't mean Drummond doesn't have us dreaming of her pastoral country life. Eight lessons we've learned from the Pioneer Woman about moving to the country:

1. There are some really, really pretty sunsets. Like, all the time.

2. Oh, and some equally pretty sunrises.

3. But she sees these unbelievable sunrises because she (and everyone else on the ranch) gets up early. And we're not talking beat-rush-hour early. Like, herd the cattle early. As Drummond writes, "No coffee shop out here in the pasture. Send help!!!"

4. Aforementioned cows are pretty cute though. Just look at these calves! So, we can deduce hard work on the ranch is at least rewarded with precious farm babies.

5. Oh, and the rolling hills of their dreamy pastoral property is pretty photogenic too. Especially at the golden hour—right after sunrise and right before sunset.

6. But it's not all pretty sunrises and sweet baby animals. Ranch work can be intense, serious, and even a little well, heated. Here Drummond shares a snippet of a prescribed burning on the ranch last year.

7. For all that hard work you're going to want a good pair of boots. You might even find yourself wearing them to the airport. Drummond jokes, "What is the name of the condition that causes a woman to chronically forget that she's going to have to take off her boots at airport security and she should therefore not wear her husband's socks when she travels? Because I'm afflicted."

8. Last but not least, you're going to need a good dog for country life. Maybe even a couple! Doesn't Lucy look happy as can be to be a ranch dog? In a single hour-long walk this spring, Drummond writes that Lucy "chased three rabbits, caught a field mouse, took a swim in two ponds, herded a calf back into its pasture, hung out with the horses, and had the time of her life." That's the life.

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