You definitely won't find this fruit in The Pioneer Woman's recipes.

By Michelle Darrisaw

Ree Drummond, aka The Pioneer Woman, is on her seventh year of whipping up stick-to-your-ribs suppers and Southern-style comfort dishes on the Food Network. Beyond watching her serve down-home delicious recipes on her successful cooking show, foodies have also armed themselves with Drummond's relatable cookbooks to better prepare themselves in the kitchen. But there's one ingredient home cooks would be hard-pressed to find in her family's ranch kitchen and in her four bestselling cookbooks—bananas.

Turns out, the California native turned Oklahoma culinary sensation isn't a fan of those ripe yellow bunches. In a recent interview with TODAY Food, Drummond said that she won't go near "anything involving bananas." No, you won't find them in her infamous ribeye steak, signature citrus salad, or sliced up on her holiday cheese tray. Her aversion to bananas isn't some food fad, as Drummond has hated the sweet, mushy fruit since she was a kid growing up in the big city of Los Angeles.

"I don't like bananas," Drummond told Design and Living Magazine in May. "I like to drive that point home."

Point taken.

She also reiterated her undying hate for bananas on her blog, posting words like "abhor," "loathe," and "recoil" to describe her dislike for the fruit that she considers to be a "genetic aversion." She chalks her innate disdain for bananas up to the fact that her father and brothers don't like them much either.

In fact, there have only been two occasions where Drummond has ventured down the dark culinary hole. In 2011, she threw all banana caution to the wind when she made an elegant bananas foster dessert. Drummond posted the fruity experiment on Facebook with the following message:

The second time the avid baker has used bananas is when she made her mother's time-tested banana bread recipe.

All banana hatred aside, one thing most Southerners can find common ground on with Drummond's cooking repertoire is her appreciation for a hearty pot roast as a simple weeknight dinner.