Wedding bells are almost ringing.


Alex Drummond's nuptials to Mauricio Scott are around the corner. Come May 1, The Pioneer Woman's eldest child will be a married woman!

But before Alex walks down the aisle, a group of special women in her life took the time to share their most tried-and-true marriage advice to inspire the wife-to-be in an article for The Pioneer Woman Magazine. Among the crew was none other than Alex's famous mama, Ree Drummond. Her thoughtful advice really resonated, and we're sure we're daughter will take the wisdom to heart.

"Although we're told marriage is a 50/50 thing, I've found that approaching it as 100/100 is even better," Drummond, who has been married to her husband Ladd for 24 years, counseled her daughter. "There will be times when one of you can't bring or give as much to the marriage as the other, whether because of illness, fatigue, stress...and during those times, it's good to think of it as 100/100 so you can fill in each other's gaps."

In addition to Ree, the article also included heartfelt relationship advice from Alex's grandpa, Chuck Drummond; her best friend, Meg Kane Wilson; Cyndi Kane, Ree's best friend, and Missy Drummond, Alex's aunt. Read the full story here.

The couple will wed on the Drummond Ranch in Pawhuska, Oklahoma, and we'd be lying if we said we weren't planning on hitting refresh on Ree and Alex Drummond's Instagram accounts on the first of May to see if they post any photos from the big day. From the dress to the cake to the table settings to the food, we can't wait to scope out all the details.

Share with us: What marriage advice would you give this blushing young bride? We're sending early congratulations to the future Mr. and Mrs. Scott!