“I will never say 'hair tie' as long as I live.”


Television host, cookbook author, fashion designer, and now social media provocateur?

Ree Drummond has added a new title to her long list of hyphenates after prompting a passionate debate on Instagram Wednesday.

After she and her daughter Alex showed up to dinner sporting matching hairstyles this week, the Food Network star posed a controversial question to her followers.

"Alex and I met for dinner while I was in Texas and we both wore our hair up in chip clips (swipe forward to see our mother-daughter lewk.)" Drummond began.

"Do you call them chip clips, or is that another Gen-X term, much like 'ponytail holders,' which is absolutely the ONLY correct way to refer to a circular elasticized hair accessory," she continued.  

Drummond, it turns out, has very strong opinions on hair accessory terminology.

"I will never say 'hair tie' as long as I live, and I urge all my Gen-X cohorts to join me in this stance. Ponytail holders don't tie, they never have tied, and the matter is settled," the 52-year-old wrote. "Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this very sweet post about my dinner with Alex."

Drummond's followers beelined to the comments section to share their preferred terms.

"Ponytail holder and chip clip!" one fan wrote. "Nothing else!!"

"Hair claws and ponytail holders!" wrote another.

"We called them banana clips," one user chimed in. "Lol I'm a Gen-Xer but I'm from California. Maybe that's the difference? But I DO say ponytail holder. Unless I'm using a scrunchie!"

So, we have to ask… what do you call your go-to hair accessories? Tell us in the polls below!