Sometimes love can find you when you least expect it.

By Melissa Locker

Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond just told the incredibly charming story of how she met her husband, Ladd. It's a sweet essay reprinted at Country Living that reminds us all that sometimes love finds us when you least expect it, or even want it.

While Ree is well-known for her aspirational country life, back in the day she was a city girl. She was making her way from Los Angeles to a new life in Chicago when she swung by her Oklahoma home town for a stopover. It was around the holidays, and some of her friends were back in town, too, and they arranged to meet for a drink at what she calls "a local dive."

One of the best parts about the story is that Ree had tried to bail on the drink, but changed her mind and headed to the bar, proving that fate works in mysterious ways sometimes. It was there, of course, that she saw "the cowboy" across the room. "He was a vision," wrote Ree. She had to meet him and made her way over to him. They ended up talking for hours, until he had to go cook Christmas dinner. They swapped numbers and Ree was smitten.

One problem, though: the cowboy never called. Ree was disappointed, but threw herself into preparations for her brother's wedding and her move to the Windy City a few weeks after that. The weekend of the wedding, her phone rang. It was the cowboy. It had taken the mysterious stranger four solid months to call her, but it took him no time at all to make a dinner date for the very next night. The couple made up for lost time and soon enough was kissing on Ree's parents' front porch. The rest, as they say, is history that all lead up to Ree making a life on an Oklahoma ranch house.

Read the adorable story of love at first sight over at Country Living or in the first-ever issue of The Pioneer Woman Magazine, available at Walmart on June 6.