A humorous yet nail-biting moment for The Pioneer Posse.


It's an hour before your daughter's wedding. Maybe you're getting the final touches done on your hair and makeup. Maybe you're raising a glass for a toast. Maybe you're walking around the venue grounds and taking it all in.

Or, maybe, if you're Ree Drummond, you find yourself facing quite the flub when your heel gets stuck in a vent cover and you wonder how the heck you're going to get yourself out of this mess and make it down the aisle for your daughter Alex's May 1 wedding to her now-husband Mauricio Scott.

Ree Drummond Wal-Mart Headshot Spring 2021
Credit: Wal-Mart

Drummond recently shared how this all transpired at her daughter's wedding in an entertaining blog post on her The Pioneer Woman website: "Less than an hour before Alex and Mauricio's wedding, as I was walking down the hallway of the Lodge to help Alex get dressed, I inadvertently stepped on a vent cover. The sharp heel of my shoe, which I'd ordered just for this occasion, went through my mother-of-the-bride dress and got stuck (and I mean inextricably stuck) between the slats," she wrote in a July 1 entry.

"Let me repeat myself: My shoe was wedged between the slats and so was my dress. It was so stuck, it wouldn't budge. I thought I would have to clunk down the aisle with a vent cover clanging behind me," she continued, noting that even if she decided she could come to terms with walking down the aisle without her shoes, her dress was involved in the snafu too, so that wasn't feasible. Thankfully, the day's photographer Grant Daniels and videographer Aaron Tharpe were able to help Drummond remove her heel and dress from the vent cover and proceed with the festivities as planned. Curious to see how this all went down? You can watch the light-hearted trapped shoe drama unfold on Alex and Mauricio's wedding special on the discovery+ streaming platform if you missed its original airing on Food Network on June 26.

What a tense moment for the mother of the bride, huh? Only our Pawhuska Princess, kids, only our Pawhuska Princess.