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With her wedding just days away, Alex Drummond is facing a foe that brides-to-be know all too well: the weather.

Fortunately, mama bear Ree is on the case.

The Pioneer Woman took to her Instagram stories on Monday to share her anxiety over Saturday's nuptials, particularly, whether the pretty white tents would be able to withstand the 23-mph winds battering the family ranch in Pawhuska.

"Um we're having an outdoor wedding," Ree wrote with a photo on her Instagram story. "On the ranch. In Oklahoma. In early May."

Alex Drummond Wedding Tents
Credit: Instagram/Ree Drummond

The mother of the bride also posted a video of one of the flags on top of the tents being whipped around by wind. "What could possibly go wrong???" she asked sarcastically.

Ree continued her fretting by sharing a selfie with a contemplative look on her face. "Me, first driving upon the tent, trying to calculate the level of Oklahoma sustained winds it can withstand," she wrote.

Ree Drummond Daughter Wedding Wind
Credit: Instagram/Ree Drummond

But the celebrity chef isn't about to let weather woes get her down ahead of this weekend's celebration. Ree paused her stressing for a moment to share a smiling photo of Alex and her fiancé Mauricio Scott. "These two aren't worried, though," she wrote. "Cause they've got a peaceful, easy feeling' (And that's a great way to be.)"

Alex expressed that same "peaceful, easy feeling" in an Instagram Live on Tuesday. Answering questions from fans about the big day, the 24-year-old revealed how she and Mauricio have been spending this past week, including helping Ree finally pick out her dress!

"It looks like this thing is happening," Alex joked as her mom made a surprise appearance. "There's no turning back now! We're too deep in."

We have no doubt it will be beautiful, Alex!