Ree Drummond's latest family addition is oh-so-cute.

Only a royal name—Henry—could be fitting for a ranch hand this adorable, ladies and lassos. The newest basset hound to join the Drummond bunch is a beautiful puppy by the name of Henry the Great, and we can't get enough of this guy.

As every pet owner knows, losing a beloved companion is a trying, grief-filled process. With time, though, the precious joy of adding a new four-legged friend can help mend the void of the loss. "No one can ever replace ol' Charlie the ranch dog…but this little guy sure is going a long way to fill the hole Charlie left," writes Drummond in a recent instagram post. "Even Walter likes him! At least he will in a couple of weeks. Meantime, I'm completely puppy drunk. Schnockered."

Schnockered is an understatement, Mrs. Drummond. Here's to many years of fun, walks under a magical Oklahoma sunset, and slipping handsome Hank the occasional sliver of bacon.