Drummond owns many pairs, but the antique wash is her go-to.


Jeans are like cornbread recipes. Nothing could ever replace your favorite. But tweak one thing—fray, button placement, pocketing; baking soda, milk temperature, skillet—and your cherished possession becomes a royal flop.

That's why we trust a gal like Ree Drummond who knows what she likes and sticks to it. Recently, The Pioneer Woman has posted several photos rocking her signature look. In one September mirror selfie at her Mercantile shop in Pawhuska, she explains why her style remains the same year after year.

A woman after our own hearts, she captions the picture: "Same general jeans, same general boots; I just swap out the top depending on my mood. And depending on what's clean. And depending on what doesn't require me to suck in my post-baby, post-brownie belly. Okay, so the last baby was over 13 years ago. But the last brownie was about 2:30 this afternoon."

In her photos, the denim she sports are doppelgängers for American Eagle's Skinny Kick jeans, a style she professed her love for back in 2013. In her original blog post on her site, Drummond explains what makes her a loyalist. "They have a nice slim fit without being ridiculously tight and ‘skinny jean' skinny," she writes.

In a subsequent pros vs. cons list, she elaborates that they have a solid stretch and give, a slightly flared leg, and are slimming without being too tight. American Eagle sells a variety of colors, but the Pioneer Woman is partial to the antique wash.

On the "cons" front, she does note that they're slightly low-waisted, but that simply means she just has to "...stand up a little straighter [to] keep the muffin top at bay." We know Mama wouldn't criticize us for our outstanding posture, so we think we can live with that.