Reba McEntire On Raising Son Shelby To Be Humble, How She Kept Him From Becoming A "Spoiled Brat"

"I'm very proud of him."

Reba McEntire and Her Son Shelby
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Growing up in Chockie, Oklahoma, in the 50s and 60s, Reba McEntire learned the importance of humility and respect from her parents.

In a recent interview with People, the Queen of Country discussed her efforts to impart those same country values to her own son, Shelby Blackstock.

Reba and her ex-husband Narvel Blackstock welcomed Shelby in 1990. And even though the young boy grew up privileged, the famous couple did their best to keep him humble.

"When we would play games or cards, I'd never let Shelby win," Reba recalled to People. "He wouldn't have learned anything that way. I always told Shelby, 'I'll always love you, but I want other people to like you. So don't be a little jerk. Don't be a spoiled brat.'"

Reba and Shelby
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Her efforts seemingly paid off. Reba says that people are often surprised to find out that his childhood was so "blessed."

Shelby, now 32, enjoys a career as a professional race car driver. He married Marissa Branch at Walt Disney World on February 12.

"I'm very proud of him," Reba told the outlet. "He was a kid who had ADHD and could barely read in school, and now he's read 10 books this year. He's always trying to improve and do better. His daddy did a great job too."

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The Grammy-winner admitted that she couldn't have done it without "a lot of help."

"I had the best nannies, and I took him on the road with me," Reba told People. "When I couldn't, I would fly home after a concert, get him up in the morning, take him to school and pick him up. We'd play until I had to fly out again for a concert that night. I wanted to be with Shelby. Still do."

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