Reba McEntire Gave the Dress off Her Back to Raise Money for Cancer Research

The singer’s impromptu decision led to a $150,000 donation.

Inaugural Gateway Celebrity Fight Night Reba McEntire
Photo: Phillip Faraone/Getty Images

It's a good thing Reba McEntire brought an extra set of clothes to the inaugural Gateway Celebrity Fight Night!

The country legend is a frequent supporter of the star-studded charity event that raises money for cancer research. In addition to emceeing this year's fete, McEntire also auctioned off the chance to have dinner with her in Nashville.

But that wasn't the only thing the songstress gave away on that March night in Phoenix. According to Taste of Country, McEntire also ended up parting with her designer gown.

"I was the emcee, and I was wearing this beautiful gown that Johnathan Kayne made for me," she told Taste of Country and other outlets at a recent press event. "It was beautiful and had big bell sleeves. So, I auctioned off a dinner to whoever wanted to go have dinner with me, and after that, I said, 'Does anybody want this dress?' Of course, the women kinda perked up, and they said, 'Yeah.'"

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So, McEntire made the decision to auction off her dress as well.

"We auctioned it off for $150,000," she explained, per Taste of Country. "I had to go change clothes. I had to get my jeans on," McEntire said, "Because...the woman who bought it, I know her, and she said, 'No, I want it tonight. I don't want you to take it home and dry clean it — I want you to give it to me now.'

"I said, 'Okay.' And I went and got my jeans and boots on," McEntire added.

Seems like a fair trade for a good cause!

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