Family traditions in the South are especially memorable around the holidays. We pick out our Christmas tree by hand at a local tree farm, sip hot chocolate on a trolley that takes us around to look at Christmas lights, and spend time around the fire with the ones we love and a plate of cookies for Santa.

Reba McEntire's holiday traditions sound very similar to our Southern upbringings; her fond memories include taking a trip out on her family's land in Oklahoma to pick out the perfect Cedar tree with her siblings. Once the tree was put up in their home, Reba's mama would let her and younger sister Susie take a crack at decorating. According to Reba, the girls would throw tinsel onto the tree in an eclectic fashion. A few days later, Mama would let Reba's older sister Alice and friend, Donna, redo the decorating. Reba and Susie didn't quite like the revised tree – and would ask to redecorate it again.

Another tradition that Reba has continued in her family is making her grandmother's banana pudding. She uses a secret ingredient in her pudding that makes it especially rich, as well: peanut butter. We'd like a scoop of that yummy recommendation, Reba!

Catch Reba hosting the CMA Country Christmas special on ABC November 27.

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