By Stacey Leasca
Queen Elizabeth San Antonio River Walk
Credit: BOB DAEMMRICH/Getty Images

Though Queen Elizabeth travels quite often she's only set foot in the United States a handful of times. But, she certainly knew how to make those visits count, especially on her historic trip to Texas way back in 1991.

In late May 1991, Queen Elizabeth became the first British monarch to set foot on Texas soil, the Los Angeles Times reported at the time. During her visit, the Queen stopped by the Alamo to learn more about the defenders who died during the infamous battle against Mexican forces.

Accompanied by her husband, Prince Philip, the Queen went on to tour San Antonio's River Walk by barge. During the tour, the royals were met with hundreds of screaming fans, with many waving British flags in their honor.
Following their visit to the Alamo, the duo swung by Houston, where they visited the historic Antioch Missionary Baptist Church, located in Downtown Houston, The Houston Chronicle reported. There, the Queen reportedly sat and listened to the gospel choir for quite some time.

Next, the Queen and Prince Philip took time to stop in at the then-newly built Veterans Affairs hospital alongside then-Mayor Kathy Whitmire. Whitmire even presented the two royals with the key to the city.

Queen Elizabeth Visiting Space Center
Credit: WALT FRERCK/Getty Images

And like all good Texas tourists, the Queen and Prince Philip also stopped in at the Johnson Space Center in Clear Lake for a tour and luncheon. At the center, The Houston Chronicle reported, Prince Philip spent several minutes playing with the space equipment including trying on a pair of space gloves and testing out a specialized vacuum chamber.

Of course, no trip to Texas would be complete without trying out the delicious foods. On her trip, however, the Queen reportedly steered clear of any spicy foods, which meant no delicious Tex-Mex treats for her.

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But, she did attend and dine on the foods offered during a dinner thrown in her honor at the Museum Of Fine Arts. At the event, the Queen also presented an honorary knighthood to Dallas' Cecil H. Green, who happened to be a native of England then living in the Lone Star State.

Following her visit to Texas, the Queen didn't return to the United States until 2007 and has yet to be back since. However, now that we have a new American Princess on our hands (hello, Meghan Markle), perhaps the Queen will take a bit more time to learn about her granddaughter-in-law's homeland. And, maybe next time, she'll be brave enough to dig into the local foods too.