The note was reportedly signed “Lilibet,” a childhood nickname thought to have only been used by her husband.

By Rebecca Angel Baer
April 19, 2021

Saturday the world collectively joined the Royal Family to bid farewell to their patriarch, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh who died on April 9, just a few months shy of his 100th birthday. While the ceremony was held under the strictest of Covid protocols and only 30 members of the Royal Family were allowed inside the chapel at Windsor Castle, cameras were also present so we could all pay our respects, albeit through a television screen. Viewers all over the world saw the events play out live, in real time. From the arrival of the Prince's beloved Fell ponies and carriage, complete with his hat and riding gloves on the empty seat, to the procession of his family members behind the custom-made Land Rover that carried his casket to the chapel.

But now we know a little bit more about the personal touches the Queen herself made to honor the love of her life, her husband of 73 years. As we have previously reported, the wreath of white roses and lilies were selected by the monarch herself, and now we know that she also placed a handwritten note to her lost love along with the flowers. As People reports, the Palace would not comment on the contents of the note, saying it was "private," but several news outlets have reported the note is signed, "Lilibet," which was a nickname originally given to the Queen by her father and now thought to have only been used by Prince Philip. The couple famously exchanged love letters throughout their decades long romance, so it feels only fitting that in her last act as his wife, she leaves him with one last note of affection.

Twenty years ago, in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks, Queen Elizabeth now famously said in a statement of support for the families of those lost, "grief is the price we pay for love." As we watched the Queen sitting alone in the pew in St. George's Chapel on Saturday, it is so clear to see that it is she now, who is paying this price for her great love.