Because down here we take our nicknaming perhaps even more seriously than selecting the given

By Kaitlyn Yarborough
Royal Baby Nickname
Credit: Karwai Tang/Getty Images

Earlier this week, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge welcomed their third child together, and we quietly rejoiced at the thought of having yet another frock-rocking, dimple-studded toddler to watch waddle around the grounds of Kensington Palace alongside siblings, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Before the royal family had even left the Lindo Wing, the question of the new baby's name consumed the world's curiosity. With bets on legacy monikers like Phillip, Arthur, James, and Albert, it was a waiting game. Today, after five days of anticipation, the official announcement was decreed via the Kensington Palace Twitter account: Prince Louis Arthur Charles, to be called His Royal Highness Prince Louis of Cambridge. A dark horse competitor, Louis, won the race. (It was given odds of just 33/1 on Monday following the baby's birth.)

Now fifth in line to the British throne, Prince Louis is already capturing our hearts. (Come on, did you see that close-up outside St. Mary's?) A fitting choice, Louis is steeped in British monarchical history. Stamped with a less-than-cheerful backstory, the new royal's name choice is likely inspired by Lord Mountbatten, Prince Charles' great-uncle who was assassinated by the Irish Republican Army (IRA) in 1979. Lord Louis Mountbatten, whose great-grandmother was Queen Victoria, fought in the British Royal Navy during both World Wars and was recently brought back into the limelight in the Netflix television series, The Crown. The moniker Louis holds other familial connections too: Prince Philip, the newborn's great-grandfather, was Prince Louis of Battenberg. Louis is also the middle name of Prince George and Prince William. Alas, we now have a new-generation Louis in the mix: Prince Louis Arthur Charles.

With a name like that, the prince can line up toe-to-toe with his royal siblings. But we can't help but wonder what William and Catherine will call him behind closed doors? While admittedly things are a bit different when you're born into the British monarchy, we're smart enough to know William and Kate aren't listing off His Royal Highness Prince Louis of Cambridge when the cherub coos for the first time or nuzzles into their necks, and we can only hope there's an even more endearing pet name for little Louis latching on as we speak.

We take our nicknames quite seriously in the South, with our formal names sometimes only making an appearance during momentous occasions or when being scolded by Mama. Prince Louis will be associated with his long-winded title for life, which makes the need for a nickname to be used by his family and close friends even more necessary. Royal kids, they want to be just like us.

Much to the chagrin of etiquette enthusiasts everywhere, we're already affectionately referring to Louis Arthur Charles by his best potential pet names. For a chummy call-out: Lou? For a loving moment: Lou-Lou? For his teasing Uncle Harry: Lewis? Personally, this biased UGA alum would pick: L-Dawg? Possibilities for the two-syllable name might be limited, but any child as cute as he deserves a shot.

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We like to imagine the royals all have secretly chummy nicknames. Perhaps, just perhaps, it might make them a bit more—gasp!—relatable. Congratulations, Will and Kate, on your precious little Lou.