"Namaste" to Ree Drummond on balancing her businesses, family, and core.
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These days you're apt to find the Pioneer Woman in an unlikely place outside of the kitchen, and that place is on a yoga mat. The best-selling cookbook author and Food Network star is a newly-converted yoga enthusiast. But she's not necessarily practicing her downward-facing dog pose to increase her flexibility or to get more Zen in her life during the chaotic holiday season. No, the former city girl admitted in a recent Instagram story that she's specifically taken up yoga because she wants a smaller posterior and washboard abs.

Ree Drummond Lists Reasons Started Doing Yoga
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Don't we all.

Although her husband Ladd has taken up his rightful spot on the mat next to Drummond, her first few yoga sessions she endured alone. But, according to Drummond, the solo practices didn't go so well.

"I got so winded carrying the yoga mats back to the hotel that I had to stop and rest," she wrote on Instagram. "And I almost called Todd [Drummond's 13-year-old son] to come assist his elderly mother in carrying her yoga mats back to the hotel. The only thing that gave me the strength to continue on my own was fear of ridicule."

So Drummond and Marlboro Man are now saying their "Oms" together in their sprawling-yet-cozy ranch just outside of Pawhuska, Oklahoma. However, Drummond also publicly joked on Instagram that even though her husband is a "cattle-ranching athlete" and a "stud-muffin," he still can't reach his toes.

Ree Drummond on Husband Ladd Yoga
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"I can put my ankles behind my head and need no help with flexibility," she wrote. "But my jeans are tight, and I want a small bottom and a six-pack."

It's a good thing Ladd doesn't have an Instagram account because he saved himself from the embarrassment of Drummond's flexibility-shaming.

"I don't think I'll share this story with my husband," she shared. "I think when I get back to the ranch, I'll just nonchalantly toss him his mat and say, 'Let's do yoga, honey!'"

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Ree Drummond definitely has a lot on her plate with her family and all her business ventures. But we're glad to see she's taking a few moments to relax and work on the rest of her, ahem, assets.