Bandana, sunnies, and Levi 501s complete Mrs. Drummond's picture-perfect back-to-school look.


A few weeks ago, The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond gave us a glimpse into her real-life home kitchen. We oohed and ahhed over her bright blue KitchenAid mixer and gorgeous, orange stained-glass door.

Now, Ree's giving us another peek into her personal life. This time though, we're swapping our oohing and ahhhing for a major awwww.

Say hello to...The Pioneer Teenager! On Saturday, September 30th, Drummond shared an adorable photo of her young self striking a pose on the first day of school.

"My mom had some awesome copper jello molds on her kitchen wall, didn't she? (I'm trying to distract you from the Levi 501 button-fly jeans, red polo shirt with flipped up collar, sleeveless "Teen Angel" shirt over the polo, and knotted pink bandana around my neck," Drummond hilariously captioned the photo.

"This was not a costume. I REPEAT: THIS WAS NOT A COSTUME. I was on my way to the bus. First day of school. Bye.)"

Clearly, the darling photo struck a chord with Drummond's fans. "Whose mom DIDN'T have copper jello molds on the wall?" wrote one fan. "80s Girl! I forgot about the bandannas we wore around our neck…" quipped another. Those 501s! That popped collar! That tee! A chorus of Pioneer Woman enthusiasts erupted with glee over Drummond's iconic ‘80s look.