Ree Drummond's kitchen has left us with a serious case of kitchen envy.

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Last week, The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond gave us a rare glimpse into her family's ranch kitchen (her shows typically film in the Lodge, a guest home on her Oklahoma property). Now, she's followed that sneak peek up with a full video featuring her culinary digs—and our mouths and eyes sure are feasting on the sights.

In the new recipe video, Drummond makes a simple flatbread pizza that comes together in mere minutes. On first view, though, we may have very well missed her swift knife skills and the ingredient list. Her beautiful slate grey countertop, oversized hardwood-grain butcher block, fresh daisy bouquets, glass-paneled cabinets, and stunning stained glass door completely stole our attention. Can you blame us for being distracted?

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On second view, we'll admit that the glistening flatbread pizza with roasted veggies, thick slabs of mozzarella, freshly shaved parmesan looks pretty delicious as well.

But long after ‘za leftovers are tucked into the fridge, we're still soaking up The Pioneer Woman's incredible chef's quarters. As for that sky blue KitchenAid mixer we spy in the right hand corner? We'll take two.