Why didn't we think of this?


Fans are obsessed with seeing the down-home cooking and practical tips Ree Drummond serves up on the Food Network and in her cookbooks. Recently, Drummond has given her followers more things to celebrate, including opening The Mercantile, launching a new line of slow cookers at Walmart, and building a three-story hotel in downtown Pawhuska, Oklahoma. But as it turns out, the city-girl-turned-rancher should be applauded for more than just knowing her way around a kitchen. Clearly, she knows how to make one her own, and how best to keep the kitchen organized to make cooking a lot easier. Here, The Pioneer Woman shows you 10 ways to get your storage areas, refrigerator, and pantry in tip-top shape in order to replicate her delicious dishes. Cue instant kitchen envy.

1. Utilize clear drawers.

Clear drawers can be used in the refrigerator to make ingredients, like butter, more visible. Because who has time to sift through a messy fridge when it's time to bake a cake? Clear storage bins also allot for additional space in the fridge.

2. Embrace the notion that good things come in threes.

As you can see here, Drummond keeps her pantry stocked with at least three of everything, from tomato sauce and spices to pie filling and Crisco.

3. Keep similar items on the same row in the refrigerator.

Replicate The Pioneer Woman's organized fridge by placing eggs and dairy products on the first row. Your second row can have all the liquids, such as milk, juice, and tall jars. Don't forget the butter in the clear storage container! Third row should have meats, and cheese should be on the fourth row. Of course, your fruit and vegetables can go in the crisper drawers.

4. Let your overstocked pantry dictate what you'll be cooking for dinner.

One simple way to keep your pantry organized is to cook meals using the ingredients that you have in excess. After all, those boxes of lasagna noodles aren't going to boil themselves.

5. Put your go-to dishware in a convenient spot in the kitchen.

Make sure your ceramic bowls and glass dishware are in an easy-to-reach location.

6. Keep staple foods stocked and ready to go.

Yes, according to The Pioneer Woman, M&M's are considered kitchen essentials, along with cocoa and powdered sugar.

7. Get the most mileage out of Mason jars and canning jars.

This Southern drinking jar can be used for more than just iced tea and crafts. Try filling your glasses with pickles, leftovers, soups, layer salads, and pantry staples.

8. Put your most-used items in drawers.

You can fill your drawers with flour, sugar, brown sugar, cornmeal, and stainless steel spoons and scoops.

9. Use baskets for baking ingredients.

Small wicker or plastic storage baskets are a great resource to use in the pantry for organizing your baking essentials.

10. Take inventory and get rid of items in excessive amounts.

It's important to keep track of duplicate knick-knacks, kitchen tools, and items you're not using anymore. This way, you can figure out what needs to be thrown out or donated. If you're anything like Drummond, you probably have one too many measuring spoons.