Find out why she always packs this one decor essential.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg

Georgia native Paula Deen has endless tricks up her sleeve when it comes to Southern cooking. It turns out the star has more than a few travel tips to offer her fans, as well. Considering the star often travels several times a month, Deen has mastered the art of both packing a smarter carry-on and also traveling comfortably. Southern Living caught up with the celebrity chef for her best tips, starting with her go-to for capturing the spirit of home on the road.

1. Pack this home decor item to make a hotel room feel like your own digs.

"I always bring a nice candle from home to make my stay a little more comfortable," says Deen. Pick a fragrance that you regularly burn in your personal abode so your hotel room or vacation rental gets a dose of that cozy familiarity.

2. Don't fold your clothing.

"To make the most space in my luggage, I roll my clothing," says Deen. "I find it helps on keeping wrinkles out when I arrive at my destination." Not only does rolling your clothes into a cylinder ward off hard lines from setting in fabric, but doing so is also a major space saver.

3. Pack these flight essentials.

"I try to always bring my comfortable down-filled pillow on long flights, along with a nice, soft blanket," shares Deen. Here's some more inspiration for travel items to keep you comfy.

4. Deen never forgets her curlers!

Along with her down-filled pillow, and a blanket, "I've got to have my hair curlers," admits Deen. Besides, this retro beauty product always brings back happy memories of Mama, which is never a bad reminder when we're on the road.