Looks like you won't be seeing this mini renovation on their show.

By Michelle Darrisaw

In the HGTV series Property Brothers, twin brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott help couples turn fixer-uppers and dated properties into dream homes and inspired spaces. But there's one particular home design the pair won't be transforming for prospective buyers: tiny houses.

Despite how quickly the tiny house movement has taken off in recent years, with more and more homeowners looking for efficient ways to downsize and simplify their lives, the brothers aren't swayed by the compact trend's growing popularity, nor its decluttering advantages. In fact, the brothers recently told PopSugar that they wish the tiny home obsession would go away.

"I don't like it because most of the tiny houses we've seen, they're not built to code; they're not actually functional," Jonathan said. "I've only ever seen a couple tiny home spaces that are actually a clever use of space and multi-functioning spaces."

Obviously, the Scott brothers didn't form their opinion on tiny houses without testing it out for themselves. So the home-improvement twosome, along with Jonathan's dogs, spent one night in a cramped 200-square-foot property. From sunup to sundown, the 24-hour period was hilariously documented by HGTV.

Although the experience proved to be chaotic for the brothers, they found one aspect of tiny house living to be aesthetically pleasing: not having to clean as often. On that note, minimal housework is definitely one trend we can all get behind.