Your majesty, can you spare some change?


Queen Elizabeth II is accustomed to fancy palaces, dresses, necklaces, and, of course, bejeweled crowns. However, one thing you'll never find inside her signature black patent Launer handbag is a wad of cash—at least six days out of the week, that is. According to several reports from UK outlets such as Daily Mail and The Sun, the Queen does make a cash exception on one day—and that's on Sunday. If you're wondering why, it's so she can drop money into the collection plate at church.

As head of the Church of England, the Queen takes her religious duties very seriously, attending church every week and making a sacrificial offering. Although she's like most churchgoers in the South when the collection plate is passed around, her Royal Highness doesn't just place any old crisp bill in the donation tray. No, reportedly, the Queen keeps a precisely folded five-pound note (which bears her face, by the way) tucked away in her purse for Sunday worship service.

Her weekly charitable contribution converts to approximately $6.63 in U.S. dollars. But when the Queen is feeling extra generous, she'll increase her donation up to 10 pounds. It's believed that her butlers actually iron the five-pound note into a tiny, folded square (think: a dollar-bill origami) so that she can be discreet when making her donation. Despite her riches and royal title, the Queen's money ritual is not unlike most Southerners. We, too, tend to be a humble bunch when it comes to matters of the heart and cash, particularly when it comes to gift-giving.

Queen Elizabeth II Pulling Glasses from Purse
Credit: Tim Graham/Getty Images

As far as what else you may stumble across inside the Queen's purse, on any given day her iconic designer bag could be filled with mints, a fountain pen, reading glasses, a compact mirror, pictures of her grandchildren, and Clarins lipstick. Because no self-respecting Southern woman, nor a noble Queen, would ever leave the house or, in this case, Buckingham Palace without her favorite tube of lipstick.

We know the Queen isn't big on pocket change, but it's quite refreshing to learn that she finds a subtle way to give back to her loyal subjects on what is considered to be the most sacred day of the week.