Growing up in Hollywood can be tough! Child stars deal with fame and fortune at an early age. While some TV kids have public melt-downs, others gracefully transition to adulthood and stardom. Here are a few child stars that have become incredibly successful.

Neil Patrick Harris went from playing pint-sized medical doctor Doogie Howser to a lucrative adult career. He’s hosted the Tony’s, had multiple roles on Broadway and starred in the hit show How I Met Your Mother.

Oklahoma-born Ron Howard played the lovable, cheeky character Opie on The Andy Griffith Show before becoming famous for Richie Cunningham in Happy Days. These days, he’s calling the shots. Howard has been directing for over 35 years, with some of his biggest films being Apollo 13, The Davinci Code and A Beautiful Mind.

We all remember the cute, pig-tailed kid from E.T. Drew Barrymore was just seven years old when she got her big break in Hollywood. Barrymore overcame struggles with drug use, and grew up to start her own production company, Flower Films. Flower Films produced blockbuster hits like Charlie's Angels and Adam Sandler's 50 First Dates.

The adorable duo Tia and Tamera Mowry became 90’s household names with the beloved Sister, Sister. Since the show, the twins have been busy. Tamera Mowry-Housley is currently a co-host on the popular talk show, The Real, and Tia Mowry-Hardrict is the star of her own cooking show called At Home.

Anna Paquin was one of the youngest actresses ever to win an Oscar. Since then, her career has flourished. She starred in the X-Men movie series and has a lead role on HBO’s True Blood.

Before he was impersonating Steve Harvey on SNL, Georgia native Kenan Thompson was a fan-favorite on Nickelodeon’s sketch comedy show All That.

Macaulay Culkin is best known for his role as Kevin McCallister in the Home Alone series. During the height of his fame, he was regarded as the most successful child actor since Shirley Temple.

Last but not least – Shirley Temple! Considered one of America’s first child stars. She made audiences all over America fall in love with her big blue eyes and rosy cheeks. Temple remained popular until her teenage years, and then struggled to land leading roles. She later became a U.S. ambassador to Czechoslovakia, Ghana, and the United Nations.

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