Michael Jordan Reels in 24-Pound Catch in Morehead City Fishing Tournament

"It kinda wore me out a little."

Michael Jordan
Photo: Aurelien Meunier/Getty Images

Michael Jordan is just as comfortable on the ocean as he is on the court.

The 59-year-old basketball legend recently competed in the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament in Morehead City, North Carolina, netting a 24-pound dolphinfish on Monday, June 13.

The current first place catch dolphinfish catch belongs to Fin Print, who hauled in a 48.3 fish.

"It kinda wore me out a little," Jordan said in a brief interview.

"I've got a good crew and they hooked it and I just brought it in," he added with a laugh. "I look forward to this tournament every year. Rarely do I get the chance to come down to Morehead City ... but every chance I get, I look forward to coming back. The people have been very nice."

Jordan and his "Catch 23" have competed in the tournament every year since 2020, when they reeled in a 442-pound blue marlin. In 2021, his team nabbed a 25-pound mahi mahi.

In a 2021 interview he explained that he picked up fishing to help calm his competitive drive.

"Now, the challenge is to calm those nerves. That's why I do a lot more fishing now," Jordan told ABC's Australian Story. "I would have never thought I would get on a boat and go fishing, but the combination of patience and trying to catch a fish, trying to be patient. It's not gonna happen. You can't make it happen. You just got to be ready when it does happen. Those are all things that I think calms me down a lot more than if I'm playing any sport, if I'm playing golf or if I'm doing anything competitive because I think that's what I need. That's the therapy that I need to help soothe some of these competitive juices that I have."

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