“Later on, once they're 18 and moved out of the house, that would be my hope.”

By Meghan Overdeep
December 02, 2020
Matthew McConaughey Family
Credit: Rick Kern/Getty Images

Award-winning actor, diehard Texas fan, and bona fide super dad Matthew McConaughey recently sat down with Rachel Ray to discuss something he knows a thing or two about: setting goals.

In a conversation on the Rachel Ray Show Monday, McConaughey reflected on a list of goals he made in 1992. The list includes things like win an Oscar for Best Actor (check) and become a father (check).

When Ray asked him if there are any goals he’d like to add to his list for the future, McConaughey replied simply, “Have my three children be on the list of my top-10 best friends.”

The father-of-three went on to explain how he hopes his relationships with Levi, 12, Vida, 10, and Livingston, 7, change when they’re older.

“Right now, I can't be just be best friends with my kids. I've gotta be a father, a parent to them,” McConaughey, 51, explained. “Later on, once they're 18 and moved out of the house, that would be my hope. That they could be on my list of best friends then. But right now, it's not best for them for me to be their best friend.”

“There are times that I could be their very good friend and best friend, but boy, you gotta be the parent as well and have these certain rules and understandings and expectations of each other as a family unit to prepare them for the world they're about to head into,” he concluded.

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This isn’t the first time McConaughey has spoken frankly about his and wife Camila’s parenting style.

"We demand respect and trust within the household," McConaughey recently told Oprah Winfrey. "We do not allow lying in the house. You cannot say the word[s] 'I can't,' and you can't use the word 'hate.' Those three words will get you in big trouble in our house."

So, is there an Oscar for parenting, because we’d like to make a nomination…