"I'll say not too much 'cause as you know, can't say too much about these things. But it is something that interests me."

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
January 15, 2021
Credit: Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images for STXfilms

What's up next for Matthew McConaughey? Perhaps a jaunt in the ring for the Hollywood A-lister.

As PEOPLE originally reported, in a recent podcast episode of "Better Together with Maria Menounos," the actor hinted that a stint in the WWE may be in the cards.

"I'll say not too much 'cause as you know, can't say too much about these things. But it is something that interests me," he reveals at the 106-minute and four-second mark, much to our inner wrestling enthusiast's delight. In the nearly two-and-a-half hour conversation, McConaughey also sheds light on some other athletic inclinations of his, this time hearkening back to childhood woodworking projects.

"You were like 10-years-old building a 13-story treehouse...it was a lumberyard that you eyeballed and at the middle of the night would sneak over, take the lumber, build this thing behind your parents' back...how did you know at 10...how to build a treehouse? And why wasn't a treehouse with a little ladder to a one-floor enough? 13 floors?!" Menounos inquires, in a discussion of tales from McConaughey's new memoir, clearly amazed at the young boy's industriousness.

"I had that little ladder to a one-floor treehouse before. And then we had a house, a tree, that we had like a three-story. And this particular tree was so doggone tall, and I understood how you would get the plywood, take two-by-fours on first...and then I'd handsaw a little space out where the plywood met the trunk of the tree, and so my ladder going up was straight up the tree trunk, but it went through all 13 floors," he begins.

"So I would just build one, go to the next one cut that hole, build two, go the next, and then the 13th was at the top of that tree. And I also had this little pulley on a long rope that I would, I'd do this over and over and over: I'd take my little brown bag lunch there in the morning, start working on it...I'd get hungry, go up to the 13th floor sit there, and I could have easily carried my lunch, but I had this little pail tied to a rope and that was on a pulley and I pulled my lunch all the way up to the 13th floor just sit there and before I'd eat I'd drop it down again and pull it back up, and I remember loving pulling my lunch up on the pulley," he recalls of his childhood adventures. "I was comfortable with wood, I was always a tree-climber, and I was comfortable with trees and that tree was tall enough to allow 13 stories," he concludes. Unfortunately, McConaughey doesn't think the treehouse still exists. "But I often do wonder who was the first person that came across the treehouse and said 'what the...?'"

Listen to the full podcast on Spotify below. (For the treehouse discussion, head to the 57-minute mark.)

If the whole WWE thing doesn't work out for you, Mr. McConaughey, consider us your first clients to commission a staggeringly tall treehouse. Lunch pail pulley included, please.