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Since the publication of his memoir Greenlights, Matthew McConaughey's life has been, well, an open book.

From an oftentimes difficult childhood to the struggles of raising his own three children in the spotlight, the Oscar-winning Texan has given fans an unfiltered look at his epic 51 years of life.

And, like any good Southern boy, McConaughey's recollections focus a lot on tales of his tenacious mama, Kay. In fact, he finds a way to mention her in nearly every single interview he gives.

"My parents had an interesting relationship," he recently told The Wall Street Journal. "They divorced twice and married three times. They loved each other, but they both ran hot and neither backed down."

Despite that, Kay found time to foster the talent she saw in her youngest son.

"Mom prepared me to be an actor long before my first audition," McConaughey recalled. "She'd say, 'You don't walk into a room like you want to buy the place. You walk in like you own it.'"

It's safe to say that that advice paid off.

Today, McConaughey and his wife Camila live with their three children in Austin. Kay, now, 88, has been living with them during the coronavirus pandemic.

"She's still an outlaw," the actor told WSJ.

"I recently asked if she regretted anything," he continued. "She said every night she makes a mental self-improvement list but by the morning, she's forgotten it."

McConaughey closed the interview with a few pieces of his mama's best advice.

Her cure for waking up grumpy: "Return to bed and come back when you can see the rose in the vase instead of the dust on the table."

What she says about fear: "If you're scared about not having shoes, let me introduce you to the person with no feet."

What a lady!