Beloved Texan Matthew McConaughey is doing his part to keep students safe

Matthew McConaughey UTexas SURE Walk
Credit: University Of Texas

Somehow Matthew McConaughey found time to pitch in this weekend to drive University of Texas students around campus. Mind you, this is in addition to being Wild Turkey's new Creative Director, teaching filmmaking classes at the University of Texas (his alma mater), subbing in for the coaching staff, winning prestigious awards, and starring in every smash-hit movie under the sun—but, you know, it's all in a hard day's work.

The University of Texas Student Governmentposted a photo to Facebook on Monday night that showed McConaughey driving students home in a golf cart, with the caption "Longhorns take care of each other, and it's 'safe' to say Matthew McConaughey agrees. Don't forget to use SURE Walk when traveling home late at night; you never know who might pick you up!"

The SURE Walk program (which stands for Students United for Rape Elimination) is "a student government agency partnered with [Parking & Transportation Services]" that offers students companionship if they're walking on campus alone after studying late at night.

The post received some hilarious comments from envious onlookers.

Marissa was appalled at the passengers' behavior: "HOW CAN THAT ONE GIRL BE ON HER PHONE WHEN PERFECTION IS DRIVING A GOLF CART?!" (We agree!)

Tito made the joke we were all hoping for: "Hope nobody needs to turn left. Because that golf cart is only going alright, alright, alright..."

And others, like Taylor, just admitted their faults: "I chose the wrong school."

Thanks for doing your part, Mr. McConaughey.