The country singer has been raising money and awareness for farmers for more than a decade.

It's hard for Luke Bryan to put into words how much his Farm Tour means to him. But the country hitmaker came close during a recent media event, describing the annual event as "spiritual."

For more than a decade, Bryan has partnered with farms across America to transform harvest fields into concert venues to raise funds and awareness for the country's backbone: farmers.

"There's always a lot of nostalgia about Farm Tour," Bryan said per Taste of Country. "It is like the most spiritual moment for me. I'm always happy on stage, and Farm Tour, I go to another level of being amazed and happy onstage."

"I think we see it more and more where people go to the grocery store, and they truly don't understand. So many people think things just appear in a grocery store," Bryan continued. "I think the more we can grow the awareness of what farmers do for the world and our country and our economy, moving forward, always doing a better job at showcasing my relationship with the farmer."

Luke Bryan Proud To Be Right Here Tour - Nashville, TN
Credit: Terry Wyatt/Getty Images

Bryan, who grew up on a peanut farm in rural Georgia, spoke with Southern Living in 2018 about his passionate relationship with farming and the mission the drives the Farm Tour.

"I grew up in a farming family and a farming community…and I think it's always important for people of all walks of life throughout the whole country, when they sit down, and they eat tomatoes, and corn, and vegetables, and even cereal, [that] they know it comes from an honest place," he said. "It comes from someone out there working hard."

"I think it's real, real important to understand…the world gets fed by these farmers."

Bryan wrapped up his 2021 Farm Tour in September.