Talk about "Love in a College Town," Luke!


Search on Google, like I did on a Friday afternoon, "How did Luke Bryan meet his wife?" and you're met with a video clip of Thomas Luther Bryan in the flesh sharing how he met his soulmate: "I met my wife at a college bar named Dingus Magee's in Statesboro, Georgia, at Georgia Southern University," Bryan — whom we know as Luke but was born Thomas Luther — succinctly answers.

In other interviews, such as this one with Huffington Post, the country singer and American Idol co-host has elaborated on their meet-cute a bit further. "We met in college (Georgia Southern) back in fall 1998. At a little bar called Dingus Magee's in Statesboro, Georgia. We dated in college and then we broke up for like five and a half years and got back together... and we've been depending on each other ever since," he told the news outlet in 2017.

"I was playing a little bar in Statesboro and she just happened to kinda be in town. We kinda saw each other and talked a little bit and then started emailing back and forth a little bit. And she was like, ‘Hey, you want to come to my family's Christmas party?' I went to the party and the rest is history," he added of the origins of their blossoming romance.

The two wed in 2006, per PEOPLE, on the Caribbean island of Turks and Caicos. They've now been married for over 12 years and live with their two biological sons, and Bryan's nephew, Til. The couple also adopted Bryan's two nieces, Jordan and Kris (who are now college-aged), and his nephew Til, in 2014 since his brother-in-law, Ben Cheshire, died that year and his wife — Bryan's sister Kelly — predeceased Ben.

Bryan and Boyer live with their sweet family in the Nashville area. (Bryan is quick to beam over his sons' manners and them being "gentlemanly boys!") Someday, we hope Bryan and Boyer, two Georgia natives, take the crew to Dingus Magee's to show the youngsters where the magic all started.