Loretta Lynn on What Her Faith Means to Her

"Jesus is my friend. I keep hold of his hand and I don't let loose."

Loretta Lynn
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Loretta Lynn celebrated Easter by reflecting on what her faith means to her.

In a video shared to her Instagram account Sunday, the country legend—who recently turned 90—spoke about her deep sense of spirituality.

"When I think about Easter I think about the incredible beauty of real love," the caption reads. "Love that gives when it doesn't have to. Love that gives even when it doesn't receive. It's what Christ did for us. I think of hope and redemption and forgiveness. There aren't words to share how thankful I am for all God has done for me."

The video, which shows Lynn seated at a piano and holding an acoustic guitar, explores these sentiments further.

"My faith means a lot to me," the Kentucky native told the camera. "If it wasn't for God, none of us would be here. Jesus is my friend. I keep hold of his hand and I don't let loose. If I ever let loose, well, I hope he grabs me because I'll be lost."

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Lynn went on to share what it means to her that Jesus died for her sins.

"Oh my, it hurts. I won't be able to tell him much I appreciate what he did," the beloved songstress said. "There's no way you can repay Jesus for what he done. There's just no way. You just have to show him how much you love him, and I think that's the way we all have to repay him. It's in your actions."

Well said, Miss Loretta!

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