We couldn’t relate more to this if we tried.

Leeann & Michelle Think They're Funny

Y’all better be prepared to laugh, because this parody of Taylor Swift’s single “Look What You Made Me Do” is guaranteed to have you in stitches.

From the brilliant ladies behind Leeann and Michelle Think They’re Funny comes “Look What Joanna Made Me Do,” a hilarious play on the Fixer Upper obsession we all share.

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The video begins at the end of an episode of Chip and Joanna Gaines’ HGTV show, and Leeann and Michelle find themselves in a Fixer Upper-induced frenzy. Possessed, they set out to renovate their entire homes in JoJo’s signature style. Sorry husbands, but they’re farmhouse zombies now and they need it all—all the shiplap, all the boxwood, and everything from Magnolia’s new line at Target. Duh.

“Ooh look what you made me do/ Only shiplap walls will do/ Look what JoJo made me do/ What would Chip and Joanna do?” they repeat in the song’s chorus set to the tune of Swift’s latest chart topper.


Look What Joanna Made Us Do

Joanna Gaines, you've turned us all into farmhouse zombies, and we will never stop loving you for that. (#JoBots) Look What Joanna Made Us Do A Parody of Taylor Swift's, Look What you Made Me Do Thank you to USA TODAY and All the Moms for producing this for us! Most of our amazing props came from Strawberry Monday - the cutest little vintage dealer! All hand-written signs were done by the amazingly talented, Pixiepop Art. The obviously REAL Joanna Gaines is AKA Kirsten Alana - but WOAH, right?! Sloppy wet kisses to our JO-BOT ARMY, Michelle Berryman (and baby Shea!), Allison Lefebvre, Nicole Markee Kline, Tracee Williams, & Katie O'Connell Williams Kuhl. Michelle's real-life husband, Jason, played the role of "Michelle's Husband" SO WELL. Amazing. Thanks, too, for installing that shiplap wall just for our video background. xoxo, we're off to Target

Posted by Leeann & Michelle Think They're Funny on Tuesday, November 7, 2017

We couldn’t relate more to this if we tried.

Watch the video above and check out our favorite items from Chip and Joanna’s new Hearth and Hand line at Target.